Celebrating 30 Years of Intertribal Software: Pioneers of Tribal Nation Software Solutions

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In the vast realm of software development, certain companies stand out not only for their technical expertise but also for the impact they have on specific communities. At Intertribal Software, we take pride in helping families succeed and gain wealth and productivity in their everyday lives. 

Since 1993, Our mission has been to provide tribal governments with the solutions they need to better serve their members and improve the quality of life. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary this month, let's take a look back at the early years of Intertribal Software and explore how our customers and our team have helped us get to where we are today.

Building a Legacy Before the Digital Age

Back in 1993, the technology landscape was much different from what we see today. There was no widespread internet access, nobody used cell phones — let alone smartphones — and we surely didn’t rely on digital technology to run our organizations to the extent that we do today.

It was in this challenging pre-digital environment that we embarked on a mission to provide software solutions to Tribal Nations, enabling them to efficiently manage their vast amount of Member Services programs.

A Formative Partnership With The Choctaw Nation

Surely, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our most loyal partner: the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. As one of our first and largest customers, the Choctaw Nation played a significant role in our growth and development as a company. 

This partnership with the Choctaw Nation laid the foundation for Intertribal Software's success, as they collaborated closely to develop software solutions tailored to the unique needs of Tribal Nations. To this day,  we continue to evaluate and add features to the OneTribe solution with the insight and input from the Choctaw Nation team and we are extremely grateful for the 25+ year relationship we have with them.

Our Loyal Employees and Their Contributions

Of course, it should go without saying that we wouldn’t have accomplished nearly as much as we have without the talent and dedication of our loyal team members. Many have stayed with us for over a decade and, for that, we are eternally grateful. Their contributions, expertise, and commitment to our mission have been essential to shaping our growth and identity as a company.

We’d like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to everyone at Intertribal Software for ensuring the continued success of our flagship product, OneTribe. Our team is the strength of the company and their daily dedication to our vision is what distinguishes us from our competitors. We would also like to give a special thanks to our CTO Skip Lamb, who has played a significant role in architecting and engineering OneTribe Software. 

Evolution of OneTribe: A Testament to Collaboration

Our flagship product, OneTribe Software, has evolved over the years through close collaboration with Tribal Nation leaders and Directors. This powerful software solution has been refined and enhanced based on real-world feedback, enabling Tribal Nations to streamline their member services, enhance communication, and improve overall efficiency. To date, over 50 tribes have trusted OneTribe Software to strengthen their communities and enhance their services — and that is something we do not take for granted.

We also want to thank our partners at Laserfiche, a leading Electronic Content Management solution, for assisting our efforts to help Tribal Nations go paperless and digital. 

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, our commitment to providing tailored software solutions to Tribal Nations is stronger than ever. With the ever-evolving digital landscape and the growing importance of technology in every sector, Intertribal Software is well-positioned to continue making a profound difference in the lives of Tribal Nations for many years to come.

Please join us in celebrating our achievements and the transformative power of technology in empowering Tribal Nations.