How To Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) With the Cloud

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As a tribal leader, you may be hesitant to be an early adopter of new technology to manage data and information for your organization. After all, your community relies on you — and it’s important to feel comfortable with the technology tools you use to manage the tribe's departments and programs.  

However, switching to cloud-based solutions is one tech adaptation that can not only streamline operations and make running your tribe easier but can also significantly reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). Read on to discover more about TCO and how a switch to the cloud can lower your tribe’s overall expenses.

What Is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

The total cost of ownership is the sum of all expenses related to IT — both direct and indirect — used to run your tribe over time. This includes software and hardware acquisition, support and management, training, communications, and the potential opportunity cost of downtime or poor efficiency from outdated equipment. 

Your tribe should consider these expenses to determine the overall cost of your current IT solutions, and how you can potentially reduce costs with a migration to cloud-based software.   

How The Cloud Reduces Your Tribe's TCO

Cloud-based software is well-equipped to minimize costs for your tribe. Here are some key benefits of making the switch: 

Infrastructure Optimization

A common advantage of migrating to the cloud is its potential to provide lower infrastructure costs. There’s no longer a need to buy new hardware to update your old systems, and you can easily implement and manage the software without outsourcing IT experts. Plus, since the cloud has pay-as-you-use data storage, you never have to purchase more capacity than your tribe will need.  

Data Security

Many cloud providers (such as OneTribe) invest heavily in security to ensure the safety of user data. With an on-premise server, you would have to incur these hefty security costs on your own, but on the cloud, security is handled already. 

Lower IT Consumption

With cloud-based software, you can significantly reduce IT resource usage. Your team can easily transfer workloads to the site at a low price. Plus, you don't have to turn to IT maintenance services to help recover from unplanned downtimes. 

Better Availability

Traditional legacy systems typically have more downtime because bug fixes and updates tend to be more complicated. This can take a toll on efficiency and slow down tribe operations. On the other hand, cloud-based software solutions are made to reduce downtimes through automatic software updates and other means. 

Scalability at a Low Cost

Migrating to the cloud allows your tribe to scale up without the high costs. This is important because you may need to adapt your computing needs as your tribe's dynamics change. If a transition is needed, it’s far cheaper to upgrade your cloud package than to buy and install new hardware.  

Getting Started With OneTribe Software

An efficient cloud-based software solution can be a game-changer for your tribe, helping to eliminate hours of downtime and IT maintenance. The cost-effective solution is also highly efficient and responsive to your computing needs. 

Ready to look into a potential switch to the cloud for your tribe? OneTribe is our state-of-the-art cloud-based software solution designed specifically for tribal communities. It enhances your tribe's capabilities while helping you achieve goals for growth and stability. 

To learn more, be sure to contact us and download our comprehensive guide Getting Started With OneTribe Software to learn more. 

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