Embracing Tribal Government Software and the Digital Transformation

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Ever wondered how Tribal governments can increase effectiveness? Maybe get to be more organized, digital, and connected? Discovering something that can be used to produce maximum results using minimum resources can be the first step towards a great future. In the case of governments, one option is digital government transformation. It is the adoption and continuous use of new technology to enhance government efficiency.

Today, digital government transformation has become crucial to fulfilling the aspirations of modern people. Of course, as time goes by, some aspects of everything including Tribal governments are bound to change to accommodate the needs of the present and incoming generations. Here are the reasons why governments need to embrace digital transformation.

Reasons for Embracing Tribal Government Software

1. Competing with the Private Sector

 First, according to a new Granicus survey of 115 government officials on digital government transition patterns, 61% agree that their entity is not competing directly with the private industry to embrace and apply advanced technology. 

Mobile device design has affected the government with the same intensity as any other business. The Civic Participation Report of 2019 shows that this pattern is growing day by day. Mobile devices make up about half of all government website government website clicks. In general, a mobile device can be the only gadget they can use for hard-to-reach communities. Actually, almost everybody owns a phone nowadays, even those living in remote places.

For these factors and much more, tribal government bodies strive to maximize smartphones' functionality, from building mobile web applications to removing the need for documents. For instance, in Columbia County, Georgia, representatives introduced excellent, mobile-friendly tribal government software that easily links people to the data and access they want. 

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2. Consistency and Efficiency in Your Processes

Governments should adopt digital transformation solutions such as OneTribe and Laserfiche, to bring consistency to the public meeting process for reacting to customer inquiries. For instance, the internal process for recording and planning public meetings also involves manual processing of papers through week-long rulemaking processes. Automated by new technologies, this method will go from a few days to just a few hours.  Time is another factor that affects efficiency, and the software adequately takes care of it.

For residents, the same public hearing can be checked on the tribal government software, with a recording that allows individuals to look for the most relevant parts of the meeting. Additionally, the use of more & better data is no longer for the selected few. Technology developments have made information accessible to a more inclusive number of government officials and professionals — it is, therefore, not easy to miss important details.

3. Better Quality of Service for Tribal Members

The data offers background and input that, in exchange, enables the state to be much more effective and more reactive to citizens' wishes and needs. Through receiving information in real-time, data is also given when it is most useful, rather than during substantial time failures that could make data analysis difficult.  

Improve Your Processes and Record-Keeping with Intertribal Software

Truthfully, data affects everything, including accommodation and transport, to the experience of the person. At the same level, government officials agree that clear guidelines are needed to collect, manage, and use the increasing amount of data collected. If you need more information about digital transformation and tribal government software, contact us.

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