What Is the Best Public Cloud for Tribal Governments?

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There are many public clouds for organizations, ranging from Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Azure. However, despite the many options, not all cloud platforms are built with Tribal Government needs in mind and can’t be customized to support their specific requirements. In this article, we’ll go over the best public cloud for Tribal Governments and share some of its benefits.

Public Cloud vs On-Premise Software vs Private Cloud

When searching for a cloud option for Tribal Governments, you'll have to choose between public, private, and on-premise clouds. A public cloud is one of the most cost-effective, scalable, and secure solutions. See how it compares to the others.

  • Public Cloud: As the name hints, a public cloud's hardware, software, and licenses are managed by a third party. Users pay the cloud owners to get access and have limited control over the public cloud.
  • On-Premise Cloud: Contrarily, on-premise software is installed on an organization's computers. Unlike the public cloud, on-premise software is accessible to office users, making it more secure and harder for hackers to access. On the downside, organizations spend more to install and maintain the software.
  • Private Cloud: A private cloud is an on- or off-premise cloud dedicated to a single entity. The private cloud users control everything, including the hardware, software, and licenses. This means the owners incur the costs of management. On the upside, the private cloud is more scalable, customizable, and secure than the public cloud.

Best Public Cloud for Tribal Governments in 2024

Microsoft Azure is arguably the best public cloud for Tribal Governments. The cloud's IT infrastructure is highly customizable, a feature hardly found in competitor platforms. For instance, Tribal Governments can adjust security settings, storage configurations, and virtual machines to match their specific needs.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure allows Tribal Governments to scale up during increased service demand and down when resources are not in high demand. Other benefits of the Microsoft Azure for Tribal Governments include:

Integrates Seamlessly with MS Office 365

Microsoft Azure integrates with Microsoft Office 365, some of the most widely used applications in Tribal Governments. The integration gives Tribal Governments an easy time drafting documents, reports, and communications.

Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies

Around 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure. The extensive use is a testament that Microsoft Azure's scalability, security, and capacity are highly reliable.

Has OneTribe® Built on It

In addition to Microsoft applications, our OneTribe® software is also built on the Azure cloud. The OneTribe® platform helps Tribal Governments manage a spectrum of services, including tribal member services, education, social services, employment, and reporting analytics.

Embrace OneTribe’s Benefits on Microsoft Azure

Since 1993, Intertribal Software has helped develop software solutions for Tribal Governments. Our software prioritizes ease of use so that all employees can manage them regardless of their technical skill level. We regularly upgrade to ensure that Tribal Governments benefit from cutting-edge features and functionalities.Contact us to learn more about OneTribe® or request a demo of our platform today.

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