How Automation Improves Member Services for Tribal Governments

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Tribal governments are facing pressure to transform their customer experience and improve their quality of service. However, there is no shortage of challenges standing in the way.

Thanks to leading entities in the private sector, citizens now expect integrated services. However, many tribal governments keep their data stored and isolated silos away from other departments. Meaning every tribal department has their own database that doesn’t share information with each other. Health and Social Services departments are often strained as the needs of aging members grow more complex. 

Automation allows tribal governments to provide a higher level of service without placing more demand on staff. This article will explore several key reasons why tribal leaders need to adopt automation software today!

Gain Trust From Your Tribal Members

Tribal leaders have started to recognize how important the customer experience is - as it is directly tied to the amount of trust our tribal members have in your services. Organizations of all shapes and sizes must meet the expectations that have been set by leading businesses and automation provides an opportunity to provide excellent quality services at scale.

According to Mckinsey, “satisfied citizens are nine times as likely to trust governments, and nine times more likely to believe governments are achieving their mission.” This means that tribal leaders will continue to face mounting pressure to improve their tribal members' experience if they want to maintain or improve trust levels.
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Fewer Unnecessary Visits

Unnecessary visits from your tribal members can be a drain on resources. It’s important to recognize that when someone is satisfied with the service they were provided, they are less likely to return for a follow-up. A well-run system means that your tribal members are more likely to get the service they required on the first visit, thereby reducing the number of visits they need to make. 

Dissatisfied tribal members, on the other hand, are more likely to return since they didn’t get what they needed the first time. In extreme cases, they may even make complaints to the Chief or tribal Council to attain satisfaction.

Boost Staff Morale

Tribal leaders must be invested in their tribal department’s staff morale. To put it simply, happy employees do better quality work which increases trust among your tribal members.

When tribal department staff members spend large amounts of time on tedious, manual tasks, they may start to feel that their talents are not being utilized or that they are not serving the desired mission. Examples of such tasks include: 

Examples of these tasks include:

  • Tenant Information Tracking
  • Property Information Tracking
  • Work Orders
  • Payment Processing
  • Move-In/Move-out Processing
  • Recertification Management
  • ACF700 Reporting and Management
  • Document Management
  • Content Capture and Imaging
  • And more

Not only do these tasks eat up valuable time, but they also tie up your staff and prevent them from reaching their full potential. And we know that happy tribal employees make happy tribal members who are seeking help with an issue.

Strengthen Public Trust with OneTribe Software

Automation can be a valuable tool for tribal governments that want to improve efficiency, increase member engagement, and ultimately strengthen trust in government. And now that leading providers in tribal government software are capable of building enterprise-quality automation, tribal governments have more opportunities than ever before. 

Our OneTribe platform provides a seamless solution for managing all aspects of Member Services for any size of Tribal Government.  Laserfiche, Its integrated document imaging management software eliminates stacks of paper and makes retrieving the information you need a snap. Contact us to learn more or schedule your demo today!
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