How Does Cloud-Based Software Improve Member Experience?

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As your tribe seeks to evolve and enhance its services, updating technology and adapting to new software solutions can set you up for success. Cloud-based software is an example of game-changing technology that can help your community achieve its goals. This post will explore how migrating to the cloud can have a positive impact on the overall member experience for your tribe.

1. Improved Connectivity

Cloud-based software allows your members and employees to access tribal services and resources from anywhere in the world and on any device. With nothing but an internet connection, tribe members can securely fill out forms and applications, update their information, and share important data right from their homes. This means there’s no longer a need to mail physical documents or book in-person appointments with each department for simple tasks. Not only that, but field-based tribal employees can access and update information on the go too, allowing them to provide better service to members. 

2. Simplified Document Management

Cloud-based software makes document management simple. Digitizing files and records will reduce the hassle of storing and sorting through files and paper documents, making life easier for all members and service employees. With the cloud, tribe members can also upload documents to verify personal information such as identity, program eligibility, address, and more. Through document indexing, it’s easy to organize information in the cloud so that it’s accessible and searchable — even for members who aren’t as tech-savvy. 

3. Easy Data Sharing

With everything stored and organized in the cloud, members can quickly share their data across all your tribe’s service departments. Instead of having to send the same documents to each department, members only have to upload their information once to the cloud and it can be shared instantly with anyone that needs it. So, for example, the information your members submit during enrollment can be easily retrieved by employees in your social services or education departments as well. Cloud-based data sharing also alleviates the inconveniences of collecting physical copies of documents and bringing them to appointments — one less thing for your members to worry about.

4. Enhanced Data Security

Most businesses have security concerns when shifting to new software. But cloud-based software actually provides better data security compared to in-house systems. Users need to be verified and pass clearances to access their data on the cloud, which makes it extremely difficult for unauthorized users to steal or access your information. Plus, most cloud-based software solutions have built-in data security measures to protect from cyber threats like malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks. 

With on-premise software, there’s also a risk of stored files and documents getting lost or damaged. This can be avoided with a switch to the cloud. You can rest assured all-important member information is safe and secure on a centralized, cloud-based platform. 

Switch To The Cloud With OneTribe®

Switching to cloud-based software provides your tribe members with a better all-around experience. If you’re looking to migrate to the cloud, we have the solution for you. OneTribe® is a state-of-the-art cloud-based software solution specifically designed for tribal communities. If you’d like more information about OneTribe®, don't hesitate to contact us or download our comprehensive guide, Getting Started With OneTribe® Software.

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