Managing On-Premise To Cloud Migration For Tribal Governments

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Managing On-Premise To Cloud Migration: Tips For Tribal Governments

A cloud migration involves transferring business operations from on-premise servers to a cloud-based environment. In today’s digital world, more and more organizations are migrating to the cloud to improve efficiency, increase data security, and provide easy access and management of data via the internet. 

As of 2023, 94% of enterprises utilize the cloud in some capacity, while 92% of businesses have a multi-cloud strategy either in place or in the process of being implemented. This blog will dive deeper into the process of carrying out an on-premise to cloud migration for your Tribal Government, as well as several strategies to ensure a seamless transition. 

What Is On-Premise To Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the transfer of operations from on-premise installation to the cloud. It involves moving programs, data, and IT processes from an on-site data center to a virtual setting. Whether your goal is to cut operational costs, increase efficiency, improve your tribe’s member experience, or all of the above, cloud migration is a great way to get there. 

There are three main types of cloud environments to choose from: 

Public Cloud

As the name suggests, a public cloud hosts several consumers. The provider owns and manages the physical infrastructure, while the users can spin servers and services such as IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS. 

Private Cloud

This cloud option provides exclusive access to the user. The organization may need a physical infrastructure to create the cloud environment, or a public cloud provider may create an exclusive one.

Hybrid cloud

This cloud option combines public, private, and on-premise data centers. It requires coordination and integration of all environments,


This cloud involves at least two public clouds.

Common Types of On-Premise to Cloud Migrations for Solution Providers and Builders

There are many approaches to cloud migration based on your organization's specific software application needs. These strategies include:

Rehosting (lift-and-shift)

Also called forklift migration, this strategy includes shifting data, applications, and workloads from an on-premises data center to an IaaS cloud without changing the code or architecture.


This is also called "lift-tinker-and-shift." Although it includes a few cloud optimizations, it doesn't change the fundamental code and architecture. It involves "move and improve," especially when a function must be applicable in the new database.


This strategy is also called "rip and replace." It involves rewriting and restructuring the app architecture, schemas, and data. This is extensively beneficial to take advantage of the advanced features of your cloud service provider (CSP).


This migration strategy involves taking data from the existing on-premise applications and moving it to cloud-based SaaS apps. In this process, the original on-premise apps are discarded.

For every organization, including tribal governments, on-premise to cloud migration involves the preparation and evaluation of factors such as:

  • Objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) and migration-related expenses
  • The application architecture
  • The choice of cloud migration tools, such as hosting
  • Pre-and post-migration security

Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation With OneTribe

Embracing technology and trends in innovation should be a constant process for every Tribal Government. With every new update comes additional benefits and improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, which can positively affect the way you run your tribe and the experience for your members. 

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