3 Ways To Use Cloud Document and Records Management In Your Tribal Organization

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Document management is nothing new. Tribal organizations have been organizing and storing member data for decades. But it’s time for a change. Paper filing systems and on-premise backup solutions are leaving many tribes with a lack of efficiency in managing this information. And as remote work becomes increasingly common for tribal organizations, the benefits of cloud document management can’t be ignored.

In this article, we will explain why cloud document management is the future and how tribal governments can benefit from it.

Why Tribal Governments Can Benefit from Cloud Document and Records Management

Relying solely on paper filing systems and on-premise backup could be slowing your organization down. Here are three reasons why tribal governments need to move their data to the cloud.

  • Remote work is becoming more common. This means that remote employees need to be able to access the information they need from anywhere.
  • Cybersecurity is tough to manage internally. Most cloud providers have massive teams dedicated to security so you can offload those responsibilities onto your vendor.
  • Service departments need to be connected. Cloud storage allows your different departments to access the same data at the same time.

The Benefits of Cloud Technology for Tribal Governments CTA

3 Ways To Use Cloud Storage In Your Organization

Now that you know why cloud document management is important, let’s discuss how to use it in your tribal organization. Here are three ways to use cloud document management:

1. Backup Your Documents

Unlike on-premise backup solutions, cloud data is backed up several times - even thousands - to ensure that it doesn’t get lost. Storing digital copies of important documents on the cloud gives you an extra layer of protection against equipment failure, natural disasters, or employee malfeasance. 

In many cases, a combination of both on-premise and cloud-based storage solutions will be recommended. This tends to satisfy both the need for fast, easy access to the data while also providing additional security against threats.

2. Protect Sensitive Member Data

Despite some common misconceptions, cloud-based storage is actually highly secure and not as vulnerable as you might think. Cloud services often come with automatic updates and patches to protect your data from the latest threats. They also tend to have dedicated staff responsible for securing information - which is great for tribal organizations that don’t want to allocate their own staff or resources to cybersecurity. 

Any sensitive member data you have to store will be safe on the cloud. Online applications, social services paperwork, court documents, and other important information should always be backed up using cloud document management software. 

5 Cloud Application Security Best Practices for Tribal Governments

3. Access Your Documents Anywhere

In the post-pandemic environment where more and more organizations have adopted a work from home mentality, the need for employees to have easy access to important documents is greater than ever.

Cloud document management solutions make it easy for both remote and on-premise teams to access the information they need. They also help to promote collaboration and communication between team members. 

Digitize Your Documents Today

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