5 Reasons Why Cloud Document Management Is the Future

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Cloud document management isn’t a new thing, especially when you compare it to today’s fast-paced technology. For those accustomed to working with physical files, it may seem odd to make such a huge jump to an entirely digital solution – but it’s the way of the future for a variety of reasons. 

Cloud migration increases productivity and helps teams operate more efficiently and in more meaningful ways. By mapping out a digital infrastructure through cloud document management, you can make file retrieval, indexing, and security the most streamlined it’s ever been. 

Here are reasons why cloud technology has considerable advantages for the future:

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Why Is Cloud Document Management So Important?

As we continue to get hurtled into the future, preserving our data is more important than ever, and physical filing systems simply aren’t efficient or viable anymore in today’s world (much less tomorrow’s!). 

Moving your documents to the cloud has overall become normalized in most organizations – meaning an expectation of service is now becoming commonplace with users. 

It’s the way business is going, and the savings in physical papers, ink, and storage space from tangible files will make a huge difference once digital adoption is achieved and workers can access documentation and process data quicker than ever before. 

#1: Access Documents Anywhere, Anytime

77% of business owners want to access documents remotely.
-Record Storage Systems 

More people are working remotely than ever before, so making documents digitally accessible is key for good service and good business. Cloud document management can be accessed from any electronic device with the proper account credentials, which can make signature approvals, member applications, and other time-sensitive documents have so much less worry and friction to complete. 

#2: Proven ROI

Time is money, as they say – and if that’s the case, then cloud document management has the keys to the kingdom. According to Laserfiche, investing in document management over a five year period results in a 404% ROI.

And as previously mentioned, catering to digital-first services saves on physical office supplies, but it also saves the time to upkeep and establish physical paperwork in the first place. With the right indexing system that’s built into a document management software, you’ll never have to wonder where a document is in your workflow. You’ll simply need to take two seconds to search for it and see. Now that’s the future. 

#3: Control on Customizability

Every business and tribal government operates differently, so it’s vital to take that into account on how a system works. Cloud platforms are customizable, and offer flexibility in the way you set up nomenclature, hierarchy, account access, and more. 

The right experts can give guidance on leveraging cloud document management software in the most effective way according to your needs. You’ll not only have control, but real-time updates on the status of your documents, applications, licenses, and more, so the level of customization in your workflows and notification settings are far reaching.

#4: Heightened Security

The nice thing about cloud platforms is the automatic patch updates built into the browser-based platform. This means you don’t have to undergo a timely installation period – it will be accessible through any browser on an electronic device and account credentials. Since cloud document management operates in sync with many software, you’ll receive the best security every time and never have to ponder whether you’re up to date. 

#5: Easy Backup in the Event of a Disaster

Accidents and disasters happen. Whether it’s a coffee spill or a tornado, you’re protected with cloud document management software thanks to automatic backups. These occur in the background at the end of every day and – yep, you guessed it – backed up the previous day’s data and changes that were made. No longer will your files have to be remade in the event of a bad occurrence – and that peace of mind goes a long way for future redundancies and security measures.

Moving Your Member Data to the Cloud

Cloud document management can overhaul your entire business process and create extra efficiency and security. If you’re interested in learning more, check out all the capabilities of our OneTribe™ Software, which leverages cloud document management features and more.

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