Improving Tribal Record Management and Archive Systems in 2021

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It is an undisputed fact that everyone has been hit by the pandemic, which threatens to stay even longer than expected. As we look forward to 2021 and beyond, It is clear that we will see some long-term changes to the way we work and organize our teams. Organizations will need to adapt by looking into new technologies that provide centralized data management and create efficiencies for remote teams.

Laserfiche ECM software provides a number of benefits for the remote workforce, such as:

  • Secure document, records, and data storage
  • Automation of everyday tasks
  • Centralized content to increase efficiency and collaboration

Governments and businesses can no longer “wait out” the current situation and hope for a return to normal. Now is the time to adapt and make sweeping changes to our solutions and technology stacks.

This article will explore some of the key benefits and reasons for using Laserfiche ECM to improve your record management and archive systems in 2021.

Centralized Data Management For Your Tribe

With department teams scattered about and working from different locations, having a centralized platform to store and manage all of your data and records is crucial. Whether you are going fully remote or adopting a hybrid model, Laserfiche ECM provides greater transparency throughout your organization and to the public by making information easily accessible from anywhere. 

When you implement Laserfiche ECM to centralize your record keeping, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Streamlined document and records  management
  • Electronic business and forms processing with digital signatures and automated routing
  • Increased transparency
  • Easy access to operational records
  • Reduced storage costs of paper documents
  • Reduced manual processing times
  • Creation of a permanent Tribal Records Archive
  • And more

Intertribal Software and Laserfiche ECM ensure that even in these uncertain times, tribal data and records can easily be retrieved and disposed of based on policies. The fascinating part is that this organizational-changing solution distinguishes between viable and useless data, making the entire process of tribal record management effortless. It has the aptitude to filter the wanted data from the unwanted data, which could be disposed of, though in retrievable archives.

workflow automation

Saving Time and Energy With Task Automation

It goes without mentioning, that manual processes have an inherent tiresome element and can drag down efficiency. When applying these changes to your operations and workflows benefits will be realized in ways never imagined.

Many of the day-to-day repetitive tasks can be automated with Laserfiche ECM so that organizations can reduce the amount of manual labor involved and find new efficiencies in their processes. There is also an added benefit of removing human error and eliminating bottlenecks moving forward.

Intertribal Software for a Sustainable Tribal Record Management

With Intertribal Software's data and records management solutions, your Tribal records and data will be more accurate and secure.  Intertribal Software solutions are developed following government regulations, which have become stricter over the years.  Proper record management is positively associated with successful litigation processes, which require that the organization provide viable records during the regulatory checking process. The time is here for Tribal Governments to have proper tribal record management systems, which is only a click away with Laserfiche ECM.

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