Where to Find the Best Laserfiche Training Online

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New Laserfiche users — we hear you. Giving yourself adequate time to fully familiarize yourself with the software is a necessary step in the process as you gain efficiencies and learn what works best for your tribal organization. You can reduce the learning curve by accessing useful Laserfiche training resources. Fortunately, there are many available online, and we’ve compiled a list so you don’t have to! 

Here are some of the best Laserfiche training online resources:

3 Laserfiche Training Online Resources for New and Advanced Users

1. Laserfiche Aspire

Log in or register for Laserfiche Aspire

What it is: An e-learning platform that is available through Laserfiche and is complimentary for existing users. Laserfiche users can use the aspire program to access video content, interactive training modules, certification courses, and more. 

How it works: Log in to your Laserfiche account and click the Aspire button to be taken to your main dashboard. In addition to finding new content and searching for more content, you will also be able to see the number of hours you have spent learning and a list of badges you have earned.

Why it’s great: Laserfiche Aspire is constantly being updated with new on-demand resources to help users. Teams can also assign training to one another and access a calendar of events that includes webinars, user groups, workshops, and more.

2. Laserfiche Getting Started Guides

Access their guides here

What it is: A comprehensive list of guides — varying from eBooks to webinars — all jam packed with information to maximize your everyday use of Laserfiche software. 

How it works: Simply browse the page to find which you’d like to peruse or watch. Keep in mind most are gated, so you’ll need to fill out a form in order to access the information.

Why it’s great: These how-to pieces are coming directly from the Laserfiche technology creators themselves, so it’s definitely worth your while to check out! 

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3. Laserfiche Certification

Take your Laserfiche training to the next level

What it is: As you gain competencies with Laserfiche training, online certification courses can help you continue your learning and validate your skills with interactive assessments from Laserfiche themselves. 

How it works: These assessments are cost-associated interactive, but are a great way to validate your skills on certain aspects of Laserfiche. 

Why it’s great: An electronic case management (ECM) system is built to last you a long time — so it makes sense to grow your usage over time and make your work smarter, not harder. Laserfiche training like this accelerates and transforms those daily administrative tasks and helps your workers gain expertise over time, at their pace. It’s great for those who are seeking deeper knowledge and expertise in the software to further boost efficiency.

Choose Your Laserfiche Training Online Resource

Preparing your employees with the best Laserfiche training online resources available will not only encourage adoption, it will do so for the long term. While digitizing has its learning curve, the benefits it brings to organizations far outweighs the period of change that can feel uncertain at the time. With a solid roadmap, Laserfiche training is just another step in the process to get you up and running more efficiently than ever. 

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